The city of friendship

Chiclayo is the hub of a cluster of districts making up the Lambayeque region, which has made a name for itself with its archeological treasures.

You may be familiar with the Lord of Sipán who was the first of several mummies to be discovered in Huaca Rajada. The many museums and historical sites in the region showcase some of the extraordinary artifacts discovered. Museums and the dense history only scratch the surface as Chiclayo is known for its delicious cuisine and beautiful cityscapes with markets, shops and decent nightlife that you are sure to enjoy. Our school being right at the beach and and part of an active surfing communities just tops it off.  

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While Peruvians are already warm and welcoming, Chiclayo takes it one step further, earning the nickname of “la Ciudad de la Amistad” (The City of Friendship). Over 600,000 people inhabit this northern city, situated only 8 mi from the Pacific Ocean. All around this metropolis are wonderful archaeological treasures, including the famous Lord of Sipán, a prominent king of Peru’s Moche culture. The greater Lambayeque region also has fabulous beaches, which are teeming with vacationers in the summer months of December, January, and February. The capital of Lambayeque region, Chiclayo, was founded in the 16th century by Spanish missionaries who capitalized on its strategic location between the mountains, jungle, and coast, but the history of the Lambayeque region goes back centuries. Its oldest culture is the Moche people, known for their pottery skills. Around the 700s, the Lambayeque culture rose to power before being conquered in 1375 by the warring Chimú. They left behind many evidences of their life here, which can be seen in the many local museums. Apart from its legends buried in the earth, Chiclayo is also known for its beautiful cityscapes with markets, shops and decent nightlife. You will have many opportunities to try classic Peruvian cuisine here, as well as some local favorites. One dish unique to Lambayeque is arroz con pato a la chiclayana (rice with duck), but there’s always the nation’s favorite: ceviche, which is fish cooked with lime juice and chili pepper. A swig of chicha morada, a sweetened drink made from native purple corn, will keep your stomach satisfied. Scores of families, couples, and individuals flock to the nearby coastal towns in the summer to soak up the sun and find respite from the hot and humid days. To the south in Puerto Chicama, you can try your luck at surfing the longest left-hand wave in the world. Though the winter weather doesn’t see many throngs of people on the beaches, they are still impressive to stroll along. Come and enjoy the archaeological wonders, delicious food, and tranquil beaches at our Pimentel location!

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