Learn Spanish in a Classroom


Learn Spanish in a Classroom

Academia Superior de Idiomas is one of the very few officially registered and recognized schools in Ecuador, and our high quality teaching methodology allows you to seamlessly combine Spanish instruction from any of our schools in Ecuador and Peru. We are also one of the only schools that offers hour-long lessons rather than the typical 45 minutes that others offer. You can choose morning or afternoon classes, and our aim is to ensure you learn Spanish as fast as possible. We provide intense programs of 20 hours a week which are split into four hours a day. You get a break between classes where you can enjoy free refreshments such as tea/coffee and snacks.

We also encourage you to join our free tandem program where you pair up with a local and practice your Spanish while they practice speaking in your language. If you want to practice your vocabulary, you can join a free conversation class. You may choose to learn in our group or individual courses, alternatively, you can combine the two for an even more intense learning experience.

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are a good way to increase your knowledge and learn Spanish even faster. Your professor will work one on one with you and tailor their teaching plan specifically to your needs and prior Spanish knowledge while taking into account your overall learning goal. One of the major advantages of a private course is that you will be continuously speaking Spanish with your professor who will then work with you on your mistakes. If you wish for a more intensive option for your Spanish learning experience, then there’s also the possibility of taking individual lessons to supplement group classes.

Group Lessons

Our group lessons have a maximum of 6 students per class; this ensures you get the time and attention you need from your teacher. We take a lot of care to place students according to their Spanish proficiency level when they enroll in our program. Before you begin your course, we give an oral and written exam. Don’t worry; this is only a diagnostic test for us to be able to place you in the appropriate group for your ability level. If there is no corresponding group for your level, you will receive individual lessons until you can join another class. Group classes are a fun and interactive way to learn, allowing you to mingle with your fellow students and build friendships.

Combining group and individual lessons

We make it easy to combine group and individual lessons. This is perfect for faster learning, and you get the benefits of both methods. You can add 10 hours of individual lessons in the afternoons to your 20 hours of group classes. This gives you the time to practice, perfect, and focus on what you were taught in the morning. You can work on any challenges you are facing to ensure your learning experience is more thorough. Combination classes are the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to learn Spanish faster, in a very effective way.

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