Our Teams

Our Teams

our teams Our teams at ASI is comprised of a group of dynamic individuals who all contribute to our company. We are all wayward thinkers each bringing something unique to our team. We all share the same values and our different creative approaches fuse together to maximise efficiency across all of our departments.

Our coordination team is comprised of Robin, Christian and Eduardo. They take care of your needs from the moment you contact the school until the time you leave. Pety, Yessica, Romina, Maju and Roberto are our team of teachers. The languages programme is co-directed by Jai and Ashley, with the combined experience and dedication of the team, our students pick up Spanish in no time! Vilma and Jose are the heart and soul of the school, with Vilma’s delicious cooking skills and Jose’s attention to detail they are often favoured by our students. The facility Management team which also includes Alex, makes sure everything is clean and in perfect working order at both the school and residences.

Jai: Co-Director, Academic Department

Gallery_PE_Teams_03Education: Psychology

Hobbies: Reading, Science & Technology, Sports (Arsenal) Jai is Co-Director of the ASI Academic Department.

Where you can find Jai: You can’t – He’s mysterious that way

He and Ashley oversee the Spanish and English courses and organize training for interns on projects that involve teaching. He also oversees ASI’s Scholarship Program. Jai is more the quiet type, but, when cornered, he has a great sense of humor, and he’s always happy to help.

Ashley: Co-Director, Academic Department

Gallery_PE_Teams_05 Education: certification in teaching, university degree in political science and economics; graduate degree in law

Hobbies: reading, travelling, hanging out with friends, watching television shows from the United States

Where you can find Ashley: you can find her anywhere in the school by following the sound of her laughter

Ashley is the Co-Director of the Academic Department and coordinates our Spanish and English classes offered here in Chiclayo. She and her Co-Director, Jai, organize classes, including cooking and conversation classes and their responsibilities also include training our teachers. Ashley’s a native English speaker but has seen lots of progress with her Spanish since she started studying and working here at ASI.  She has taken several of the trips the school offers so ask her for recommendations.

Robin Moore: Coordination Department Manager

DSC_1107Education: BSW (Bachelor Degree Social Work), MSW (Masters Degree Social Work)

Hobbies: music, traveling, reading, writing and watching movies.

Where You Can Find Robin: in the kitchen on her days off, cooking up tasty treats and libations for herself and her friends.

Robin uses her  skills and training to provide direction to the Coordination Team as they develop new volunteer projects and initiate new cooperative partnerships with existing agencies in the Chiclayo area and organize the stay of incoming students.  Her favorite things about Peru are the varied climates and terrains, ceviche, history and ancient culture.

Marco Antonio Burga Esteves: Receptionist

Education: Bachelor in Administration

Hobbies: Playing basketball and going to the cinema.

Where you can find Marco: at the front desk in reception.

He is responsible for giving students their study schedules and coordinates the benefits provided by ASI such ​​as laundry, lunches and participation in the BBQ. You will always be greeted with a smile and a helping hand

José: Facilities Manager

DSC_1079 Education: master craftsman in bare brickwork, carpentry and cabinetry

Hobbies: agriculture and cattle-breeding

Where you can find Jose: He is always working in the school and our residences in Pimentel.

Jose is a very useful team member, we can’t imagine the school running so smoothly without him. He takes care of the requests and well-being of students in regards to residences.


Vilma: Chef 

Education: Social Worker

Hobbies: community service and cooking

Where can you find Vilma: Follow the aroma of her delicious food. Vilma is the heart and soul of our school. She teaches the cooking classes and is in charge of cleaning the school and washing the clothes of our students. Vilma works as a social worker and a municipal council in her part of the city. She is a very dedicated worker and loves to help students in any way that she can.