Spanish Teaching Methodology

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Spanish Teaching Methodology

Our current Academic Director, Eugenio Cordova, founded our school in Quito in 1988 and after more than twenty five years, we are able to reminisce about the programs that have been developed at our language schools with pride. We have made it a priority to offer budget friendly services that never skimp on quality. In a nutshell, our Spanish Teaching Methodology was designed with one goal in mind… for ASI to be the place where students learn and discover in an environment that is comfortable and provides an experience which is authentic to the locale.

From the onset, our students are evaluated through an oral and written exam. This is our best indicator of your exact level and is especially important for individual classes. For those doing our group lessons; this will determine the class best suited for you. Each week our teachers will assess your progress and maintain a detailed record to ensure you are meeting your goals and expectations.

Whether you attend our school in Ecuador or Peru, you will get the same consistent level of teaching, because we use the same academic system. This allows students to seamlessly transition between locations and continue with learning at the pace that is best suited to the individual learner.

We also have a full time staff of educators who have years of teaching experience, some have been with us for more than twenty years. Our Spanish teaching methodology is superior in that it allows you to learn in quickly in an efficient and effective manner, whether you are a true beginner or at an advanced level. Our approach has been to provide courses that are solidly based upon our own proven teaching methodology, so that travellers who have ventured abroad are able to learn in a manner that is beneficial during their time spent on the continent. We are teaching in a different way because our more than twenty five years of experience ensures that people learn in different ways. Our program will give you the vast vocabulary and knowledge needed to help you interact with the locals while you travel South America. Our aim is to reach as many eager learners as we can, by using our method of immersion with an emphasis on grammar and communicative teaching.

We believe that learning can be fun as well as useful. This is why we also utilise innovative teaching tools, such as our travelling classroom, in conjunction with our curriculum, to ensure a good learning experience for students. Through extensive reading, writing, conversational and listening exercises, students are able to practice and implement everything they learn in the classroom. This means, that if you take advantage of our free conversational classes and tandem program, in no time at all you will find yourself speaking fluidly with new friends, as you tour local neighbourhoods, markets, and shops.

Foreign students from numerous countries have taken classes at our schools and have left feeling satisfied and successful. Their mission to learn Spanish was accomplished utilising our tried and tested Spanish Teaching Method and their new skills allowed further travels to be much easier.

Whenever you are travelling abroad — Learn and Discover with ASI.