Spanish Travelling Classrooms

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Spanish Travelling Classrooms

Want to learn Spanish while exploring some of the most breathtaking locations in South America? Can you picture yourself learning one of the most spoken languages in the world while you enjoy an adventure trip in the Amazon or while you explore the Andean Highlands? It’s all possible with our Spanish travelling classrooms in Peru and Ecuador! We are proud to announce that we are the only institute in Peru offering you the chance to travel abroad while learning how to speak Spanish. With our travelling classrooms, you no longer have to fly all the way to another country just to spend all your time in a schoolroom. You can experience total immersion in the culture and history of a South American country accompanied by one of our teachers who will give you classes along the way and act as your personal guide. You will learn Spanish faster while having fun—what is there not to like?


South America’s vast range of climates and landscapes offers you some of the world’s most beautiful, natural sites. Feast your eyes on majestic waterfalls, caves and mountains, and you’re sure to see some of the most incredible and varied wildlife on earth. Your time abroad will be enriched because you have the ability to speak the local lingo, and travel is always a great reason to learn a new language.

Native Spanish speakers make up 6.15% of the world’s population, making Spanish the second most spoken native language on the planet, just after Mandarin. Learning Spanish will allow you to open doors to many different cultures and countries, in addition to sprucing up your resume. What better way to learn a language than taking classes while you soak up the country’s culture and history? Talking with locals will allow you to learn the language naturally, as you will instinctively absorb the syntax and grammar structure of the language. It will provide you with the opportunity to learn Spanish faster and the whole learning experience will be more enjoyable for you.

Several studies have shown that an alarming percentage of students who travel to other countries hoping to learn the local language come back without much progress. Our travelling classrooms are designed to ensure that you will learn Spanish, no matter how much travelling may distract you. You receive regular Spanish classes and your teacher will be speaking to you in Spanish. The most effective way to learn a foreign language is to visit places where nobody speaks your native language, which forces you to practice. You will truly be living the language and before you know it, you will have the ability to speak and understand Spanish in a way that you can actually utilise during your time abroad.

During the day, you will visit some of the most exciting locations, picking up new words and phrases, which you can then put into practice. The grammar lessons provided in the mornings or evenings (depending on the travelling class) will supply you with the foundation needed for on-going progress. They will solidify your grasp on the language, which you can then implement in your travels. Our Spanish courses accommodate students at different proficiency levels, and a typical class has up to three students, ensuring you get plenty of one-on-one time with your tutor.

The greatest advantage of having one of our local teachers with you is that you have access to their personal knowledge of the area. They will take you to all the hotspots frequented by the locals where you can visit some of the greatest restaurants, bars and markets without having to pay “the gringo tax” (tourist prices). You will have the opportunity to engross yourself in the Peruvian or Ecuadorian lifestyle and culture while visiting some of their most amazing attractions with your very own personal guide.

Spanish certificates are available on request after you have finished your travelling classroom.