Lelani Antar


Dear ASI Team, We would like to thank you for all the support you have given Lelani in the last four weeks. With your professionalism and commitment you have made our stay in Pimentel unforgettable. Lelani’s Spanish has improved significantly since she started with ASI. A very special thank you to her teacher for her effort, patience and kindness and to everyone who practiced Spanish with Lelani. Thank you to the administration, all the teachers, the wonderful Front Desk staff – always helpful and friendly, the Travel Department, Señor Jose and last but not least a big hug and kiss to all the students. We will never forget you. Till next time! (July 2014)

Margherita Bui


Didn’t know how to peel a potato? After cooking classes you will start doing it gladly!! Twice a week we had a chance to cook delicious Peruvian dishes and to learn the names of different herbs and spices. Thanks to Vilma, our cooking teacher, I learned how to combine different kinds of vegetables in order to create a colourful and delicious dish for all my friends. (May 2014)

Wyatt Harms


The food in Peru is so rich and delicious. I can’t wait to learn more and hopefully master the next dish! (May 2014)

Kerry Gubits

I was very pleased and grateful to have received such a well-delivered course of Spanish language instruction. I feel that I made significant gains in understanding and using Spanish from this short but intensive course.

Christine Hahn

Learning is made fun through class, games, cooking and salsa lessons. Conversation classes allow you to practice what you’ve learned and immersing yourself in everyday life as well as going on the trips offered, all add to a great Spanish learning experience!

Nele Daubinger

I have now finished my 4-week language course being able to speak Spanish and previously couldn’t speak a single word. The BBQs, salsa lessons and cooking classes are a lot of fun. The residence has a great atmosphere and you live together like one big happy family!

Sophie Halbeisen

I went to ASI for language classes and was very impressed with the organization. In only four weeks of classes, I learned more Spanish than I did in 3 years of school. My language teacher Maju was absolutely amazing. I also had a great and inspiring experience at the foster home “Adela Infantil Virgin de la Paz”, where I worked for one month with different groups of children. I am still in touch with ASI as they help me stay in touch with one of the kids I chose to support, and I am impressed with their dedication to help me for nothing in return. I can only recommend ASI to everybody who wants to learn Spanish and will hopefully get the chance to visit again soon.